WOTD: Learning

Don’t they understand that we are all learners? From the time you’re  born to the time you pass away. 

Growing up I was very eager to learn I wasn’t solely focused on school but I was eager to learn. I lived with my mom she would always call my dad when I was ” bad ” or did something they did not approve of. My father tried his best to guide me to the right direction. He told me I was going to have to learn the hard way. Which meant he would allow me to make my own mistakes so that I would have to confront him with them afterwards. Simply because I didn’t want to listen or so they thought. I would listen but I didn’t like people helping me. I wanted to learn all of my life tips on my own. You don’t learn by not making mistakes or poor choices. No ones perfect enough to do that. Now that I am 24 with 2 kids of my own I wish my parents were in the same mood to guide me as they were when I was 14. I have learned that my parents were not just trying to make me do things they wanted me to but truly guide me to a better life. Now when I self reflect I don’t blame other people for the poor decisions I chose or the lack of responsibility I showed. It was always and always will be up to me to decide how my life plays out even if others do frown upon me for going down the rode I chose. 


Opening Chapter

Super excited ! When God closes one door another one open. I now believe that saying to the fullest. After months of being unemployed leading to a deep depression and stress filled days. I dragged myself to the Career Center to give it another try. I was offered a job at a production plant a week after the visit. I was excited to work just not at that location because I knew how corrupt things were in there. I set those feelings aside and saw the bigger picture and promised I wouldn’t get caught up in the foolery. I began working Monday February 22. Andrew which was my supervisor seemed nice in the beginning but I could sense there was something up. He didn’t act much like a supervisor. I was put in place the rest was for me to figure out. I was always told if you don’t know something ask someone. Therefore I asked a lot of questions that no one else did some they couldn’t answer some they could. I thought things were going alright we had a couple of problems but they were fixable. Friday I went to work as I would any other day. There were technical difficulties with the line I worked on and we had to do things manually. I forgot to mention I worked with two Hispanics that spoke little English so communication was shitty between us but we understood each other enough to get our job done. Andrew asked me a question that he honestly didn’t have to ask after I asked a co worker to try things differently I answered him and rambled on about why I asked her to do it the way I did. His response was “well how bout we just go clock out, go get your stuff I’ll be right here waiting on you.”  Just like that I was fired with reason or warning. At first he wouldn’t say why I was being fired, he then fabricated a story of me being disrespectful. When I asked where did he get that all he could say was that I was disrespectful and for other employees told him so also. The problems with these accusations are that I was never rude or disrespectful to my co workers, not even the guys that were being flirtatious after I told them I was spoken for. Not even to the guy that basically sexual harassed me. I didn’t care about none of the bs that was going on in the plant BC I came there to work and that was the problem which lead to my termination. I was devastated an emotional wreck. Trying to figure out how was I going to explain it to my family. I had to face the music and let them know. It wasn’t and bad as I thought it would have been. Saturday evening I received a phone call from WalMart. Yessss! I was excited. I was offered an overnight job remodeling starting at $9.50 an hour, that’s 2.25 more than I was making at the production plant. Better pay, better
work environment, and a steady schedule. What a blessing in disguise.


As I sit here starring at the screen I wonder……….what does other mothers do in their down time? I don’t have any down time being a mother of two. I stay home with my kids all day. Even now I’m typing and feeding my 3 mo at the same time. There has to be some relief or freedom from what we all mother-hood. Some may say I sound snobby I say I just yearn to have a life out side of dirty diapers and toddler temper tantrums.

France’s simple solution to curbing helicopter parents makes life better for women

This is much needed in the rural and low proverty areas. Not only would it be better for helicopter mom’s but also for troubled youth. An extra hour of school time devoted to bettering social skills and giving all kids not just the ones who can afford it. Extra curriculum activities would be great, providing lesser time for the kids to get involved in illegal activities and more time for positive reinforcement.


I’m going to turn this into a personal challenge. I have a hard time showing other how much I appreciate them. It’s mostly due to the fact that I don’t feel appreciated at all. I do everything I possibly can for people and don’t even receive a simple thank you. When practicing this I have to remember not to take non appreciation personal, they to could have a hard time showing appreciation.

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Appreciation in the Workplace

By Maria Fontaine


Appreciation is a human need. It’s not just something that’s nice to have when possible, but something that each person needs in order to be happy and to thrive. That’s true in every setting, but it’s perhaps nowhere more evident than in the workplace. When people feel genuinely appreciated by those they work for and with, they’re much more likely to be excellent contributors and “team players.”

When there’s lots of appreciation flowing between team members, this significantly boosts the chances of that team becoming a winning team. Appreciation has the power to bring out the best in people. It makes them want to do more, stretch more, contribute more, feel like they’re capable of more, and be content in the role they play. If everyone on the team appreciates one another, respects one another, and shows faith in one another, this multiplies…

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